We’re a small small business in the heart of the Rhondda Valley with a family-run farm of 350 acres in Penygraig, and a raw dog food shop in Tonyrefail. We are a small team of 5, but what a team we are! You have Lily, many of you would have met her, she basically does everything in Wild Tails, and with many qualifications, under her belt, she’s the brains of the operation. You have Ryan, Lily’s partner, he does all of the back office work, accounts, and deals with stock and delivery. Laura, she’s now taken the reins of the dog walking and pet sitting service we offer. Laura has gained a ton of experience whilst working with Wild Tails and will be undergoing further courses to develop her knowledge. Next up is Kelly, Kelly does the majority of our pet sitting service combined with our socialisation session on the farm. Last but not least is Mikaela. She’s new to the team and will be undergoing courses to allow her to be qualified to train 1-2-1 and groups. We all work in the shop too so at some point you’ll see us all!

where did it all start?

It’s started with Bali, Lily and Ryan’s Golden Retriever. Lily’s lived on a farm for her whole life and has dealt with dogs her whole life. Knowing the importance of socialisation Ryan and Lily were keen to do the best for Bali especially with lockdown stopping them going to classes. Whilst Lily was having a break from her social work degree, she decided to take some dogs for a walk along with Bali and within a few weeks Wild Tails was created and were fully booked. Soon after they realised so many dogs were missing out on socialisation because of lockdown – you know what we’re talking about if you got a puppy during lockdown! So, they created the socialisation sessions and were fully booked within 3 weeks! Fast forward and here they are now. Lily and Ryan have fed Bali raw since day 1, even the breeders fed her raw. By developing knowledge and hands-on experience over this time, they were ready to dive into something they have been planning for months and love educating other people about. 
Wild Tails will continue to grow and offer their services to as many people as possible and will


proud to choose quality over quantity