dougie's-raw-logoDougie’s Raw have over 20 years’ experience in supplying high quality pet food and use natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Packs are typically 560g and split into 4 blocks.  When defrosted they form a soft but not wet texture which our customers find very easy to work with.

Check out the quick video below and see for yourself!

As well as frozen treats and supplements, Wild Tails offer over 12 varieites of Dougie’s Raw meals, including favourites like Beef, Lamb, Duck, Turkey & Oily Fish, Pure Green Beef Tripe and Venison.  Many contain 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal (80/10/10).

Use the DG10 Coupon Code on the Checkout Page to get 10% off when you spend over £36 on any frozen raw packs

Need to avoid offal?  We have Pure Minces that we can order in for you – please get in touch.