Large Purple and Pink Snuffle Mat 40cm x 40cm


Large Purple and Pink Snuffle Mat 40cm x 40cm

Snuffle mats can provide many benefits for dogs, including:

  • Mental stimulation
    Snuffle mats require dogs to use their senses and problem-solving skills to find treats. This can help meet a dog’s cognitive needs.
  • Slow eating
    Snuffle mats can help dogs eat more slowly, which can prevent stomach pain and bloating.
  • Reduced begging
    Snuffle mats can help reduce begging.
  • Energy burn
    Snuffle mats are stimulating, so dogs can burn energy as they play and eat.
  • Reduced stress
    Snuffle mats can help alleviate stress and separation anxiety.
  • Improved sense of smell
    Snuffle mats can help stimulate a dog’s sense of smell, which is important for discovering the world.
  • Reduced destructive behavior
    Snuffle mats can help reduce destructive behaviors caused by boredom and anxiety.
  • Enriched environment
    Snuffle mats can provide a safe, stimulating environment for natural foraging behavior.
  • Mental stimulation for seniors
    Snuffle mats can provide mental stimulation for dogs that are recovering from surgery or seniors. 

    Handmade By Wild Tails

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