Naked Dog Chicken Cold Pressed Food 2.5kg


Naked Dog Chicken Cold Pressed Food 2.5kg


Carefully prepared at low temperatures, our cold pressed dog food retains much of the nutrition and goodness of fresh food.

Introducing our new Naked Dog Cold Pressed food! It’s grain free and packed full of natural, absorbable vitamins and minerals.

Cold Pressed is packed with Omega 3 and other ‘good fats’ that help support inflammation, respiratory and heart health – that’s more than can be said for heat-processed food!

Our dried meat is top quality balanced meat, meaning your dog gets better nutrition without leaving the overall protein content too high.

We offer single proteins as well as unique proteins and, with our cold pressed food, you can safely switch between proteins, so your dog can enjoy different tastes and a better variety of nutrition.

Why Give Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Cold Pressed dry dog food is a step closer to natural food than heat-pressed.The final heating stage is not needed in the processing of a cold pressed food, so the ingredients have the opportunity to retain more of their original integral nutrition.

Many dogs enjoy Naked Dog Cold Pressed as a step towards a fresher diet. It is also useful for those ‘forgotten to defrost the raw’ days, or perhaps when you visit friends, relatives or head off camping for a weekend with your dog.
As with all the Naked Dog range of foods our Cold Pressed is Complete and Balanced.

Can I feed Naked Dog Raw and Cold Pressed together?

For some dogs this may work, however, our advice would be to feed the two food types at separate mealtimes, rather than put them in the same bowl. If you need to feed both together, simply feed half of the recommended feeding amount for both types of food. So 50% of the raw meal’s recommendation and 50% of our Cold Pressed’s recommendation each day.

Is this suitable for dogs with sensitive stomach?

The way to support a sensitive stomach is to feed your dog our raw meals. Feeding fresh wholefoods addresses the root cause of the sensitivity or digestive issues. (Our blog contains useful studies highlighting this). If your dog cannot have our raw meals, then our cold pressed is an option for them as it is a healthier alternative to heat-processed kibbles, such as gastro prescription diets.

Why choose cold pressed instead of traditional dry dog food?

Cold pressed retains more of the essential fatty acids, commonly known as Omega 3, than a heat-processed food. Lack of Omega content is one of the major flaws in heat-processed foods. These fats act as hydration for the body, as well as anti-inflammatories. If your dog overheats easily or has inflammation (thats any condition with ‘itis’ in its title), then they would benefit from switching to a cold pressed food over a heat-processed dry food.

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