Helping your dog move on to the best food ever!


Phewwwww, we are glad you are thinking of going au naturel for your dog (or cat**) and stop feeding kibble. Honestly, if they could talk, they would thank you for making this change!

Usually, premade raw food which is of a good level will follow a good Prey Model feeding ratio of 80/10/10. 80% meat, 10% offal, and 10% bone, this is called complete food. Everything they generally need is in this food. We do recommend adding supplements and fruit and veggies but as a rule of thumb, complete is enough!

To start with, we recommend a few days of boneless mince to allow the acidity in the stomach to increase so that it is acidic enough to digest the raw food. Meat only for the first few days is important. You would then add the bone followed with offal. Bone is important to the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet because it does not only promote good oral health but has calcium and phosphorus in it. Along with that “Bones are very essential because the condition of the stool will harden, which helps to cleanse the anal sacs” (Dr. Karen Becker). Offal is then added, and offal is a power pack of nutrients but sometimes can be a little too rich to add straight away, so this needs to be given in small doses.

*We have a separate transition for cats. If you’d like further information, just call the shop, pop in, or drop us a message!


The method is as follows:

Day 1-3

3 days of meat only. No bone and no offal. We suggest something like green tripe (this is a probiotic too!). You will need to expect loose stools, and this is the detox process. Other things that you may start noticing in this detox process are mucus in stools (this may look alarming, but this is normal) and drinking less water (dogs who eat raw are much more hydrated than kibble fed dogs).

Day 4-5

Introducing bone. We suggest sticking to the meat you were feeding in step 1 and then adding bone such as wings, necks, etc but it will need to account for 10% of your dog’s food for the day. We can help you with this and although it sounds scary, you are only doing this for the transition until your dog has adapted to the BARF diet.

Day 6+

Move your dog onto a complete with no more than 10% offal in it but with the same above protein. If you fed goat tripe in stage 1, introduced chicken wing tips in stage 2, then you can feed something like goat mince for stage 3 (80% goat, 10% bone, 10% offal). Slowly over time experiment with proteins, add an egg twice a week. We sell chicken, quail, and duck but you can also feed goose eggs.

Congratulations, your dog is now on a raw diet!*

*We recommend that senior dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs do a gradual switch over 2 weeks.